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Tailight FN-T Liquid is an UV absorber with Eco type which is specially suitable for the application on CDP, Polyester and CDP/PES blended fibers. It can increase the light fastness of dyed fabrics.




  1. Appearance: White aqueous dispersion with low viscosity
  2. Ionic character: Anionic
  3. pH Value: 6 – 7 (5% sol.)
  4. Composition: Benzotriazole derivatives
  5. Dilutability: Dilutable in cold and warm water
  6. Storage stability: Over one-year stability in 20℃ sealed container
  7. Toxicity / ECO: The storage, application and operation should comply with the general safety regulations related to the chemical transportation




  1. Tailight® FN-T liquid is an UV absorber with Eco type which is specially suitable for carpet, automotive, textile, and funiture by CDP, Polyster, and its blends. It can increase the light fastness of dyed fiber between 1 – 2 grade, depends on the dyes type, dyeing depth and fiber property. All the data are certified by credible institutions.
  2. Tailight® FN-T liquid is especially suitable for exhaustion process. It exhausts rapidly and completely on all CDP, Polyester/CDP fibers and its blends in one-bath dyeing without side effects, such as tarring.
  3. Tailight® FN-T liquid has very stable effect in H.T. Dyeing process. Its particle has been micronized, so it is very suitable for Cheese/Cone or Piece dyeing process.
  4. In using Tailight® FN-T liquid, Reduction Clearing process is necessary after completing the dyeing process.
  5. Tailight® FN-T liquid is suggested to use under lower temperature and quick process due to its property of shade-change while heat setting above 180 ℃.
Disclaimer: Due to differences in scanning equipment and monitor settings, the color of the fiber in the scanned technology data sheet may vary. For accurate color assessment, please inquire.
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Textile auxiliaries are specialized chemicals used in textile processing to improve fabric quality, including products for pretreatment, dyeing, color fixation, brightening, and softening.

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UV absorber auxiliary designed to increase light fastness.

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