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Special dispersing and levelling agent with low foaming, which is high dispersing and levelling property for low liquor ratio in disperse dyestuff dying.




  1. Appearance: Free yellow ing low dusting powder.
  2. Ionic activity: anionic.
  3. pH value (1% sol.): 7.0-8.0
  4. Main component: special anionic surfactant.
  5. Solubility: easily to dissolve by 60~80 warm water.
  6. Storage: good storable property in cool and dry place advisable.




  1. Taigal CKP T can provide excellent disperse property in dye bath, which avoid the tarring problem in low liquor ratio dye bath.
  2. Taigal CKP T has excellent permeability with very low foam. dye bath.
  3. There is no influence on the shade.
  4. It is suitable for airflow dyeing machines with low liquor ratio and cheese dyeing machine
  5. Taigal CKP T Improves the stability in high temperatures for polyester dyeing





Taigal CKP-T is a powder grade which can be formulated into an effective dispersing agent or levelling agent for use during the dyeing and preparation stages of most fibre types.

Taigal CKP-T product is supplied at a minimum 92% solids and is typically diluted to 30% activity for end user. . Optimum addition levels are dependent on the choice of dyestuff, liquor ratios, dyeing equipment and fibre type.

2. Dyeing with Disperse dyes.

Taigal CKP-T increases the dispersability of the dyebath, avoiding speckling during the dyeing of piece goods and filtration during package dyeing. The product shows no affinity for the dyestuff and does not generate any appreciable foam. There is also no adverse effect on crock fastness and the equipment remains clean when the product is used.

  1. G eneral rapid dyeing machine: 1.0 2.0 g/1 (30%
  2. Cheese dyeing machine: 1.0 3 .0 g/1 (30%
  3. Airflow dyeing machine: 2 3.0 g/1 (30%)
  4. Repair shade:
    The required quantity de pends on the unlevelling situation. Generally, the effect is good when the quantity used in 1.5~2.0 g/l. Adding some quantity of dye if necessary.
Disclaimer: Due to differences in scanning equipment and monitor settings, the color of the fiber in the scanned technology data sheet may vary. For accurate color assessment, please inquire.
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Textile auxiliaries are specialized chemicals used in textile processing to improve fabric quality, including products for pretreatment, dyeing, color fixation, brightening, and softening.

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Leveling auxiliary designed to facilitate even and consistent coloration, ensuring effective dye uptake throughout the textiles.

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