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Eco-friendly Innovations for Climate and Water Sustainability

Unrestricted emissions of greenhouse gases are accelerating global warming, leading to drastic climate changes. This not only disrupts ecosystems but also directly threatens human lives and property. The consensus on environmental protection, especially regarding water resources, is now a priority among nations worldwide. Both the textile and dye manufacturing industries, being significant water consumers, share the urgent goal of minimizing emissions and waste generation. It’s crucial to prioritize the development of eco-friendly dyes and technologies, steering towards a sustainable future through collaborative efforts between experts, scholars, and industry stakeholders.


Advancing Environmental Stewardship through Wastewater Treatment in Textile Processing

Textile processing, involving various dyes and auxiliaries, consumes copious amounts of water and generates challenging-to-treat wastewater, posing a threat to environmental sustainability. In regions like Taiwan, preserving clean water amidst changing natural conditions is particularly challenging. Recognizing this, our company has invested over US$4 million in advanced wastewater treatment systems, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

T&T Industry's Commitment to Sustainability

Raw Materials

Prioritize raw materials free from prohibited substances, collaborating with eco-conscious organizations like ZDHC, INDITEX, etc. Source raw materials through environmentally responsible techniques to minimize ecological impact.

Production and Manufacturing

Enhance production efficiency while actively reducing emissions of gas, water, and solid waste. Continuously explore innovative production techniques to mitigate environmental harm. Minimize waste generation during dye production to minimize impacts on the environment and prioritize raw materials and supplies that may be recycled and reused.

Product Completion

Ensure dyes are free from harmful substances, prioritizing human and environmental safety. Facilitate transparent communication with users to promote responsible product usage, minimizing environmental harm.


Leading the Charge in Eco-Innovation with State-of-the-Art Chemical Testing Facility

In line with our commitment to sustainability, T&T established a dedicated "Instrument Room for Testing of Chemicals" , equipped with trained technicians proficient in toxic chemical testing. We adhere to the 3 R's policy—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and contribute to environmental protection. Our commitment includes compliance with domestic environmental regulations, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ETAD certification to ensure toxin-free products.

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