Infrastructure & Capabilities


To support our customers, we have a dedicated team of professionals that will quickly answer your questions, and function as a bridge between our factory, lab and other departments.


Strategic Location

Proximity to Taoyuan International Airport in a Factory District

Diverse Production Capabilities

Our Factory's Ability to Produce Over a Hundred Unique Dye Types e.g. high washing fastness, special colors, special dyes for particular fibers, and yarns.

Innovative Labs

Crafting Unique, High-Quality Dyes Through Advanced Research using high end instruments such as HPLC, TLC, and machines that can detect toxic materials.

Our Dyes

Disperse, Cationic, Acid and special Direct dyes for paper dyeing.

E-ACT, HW-T, SE-UNT disperse dyes

Disperse dyes for High washing fastness and rapid dyeing process.

CD, AD cationic dyes

High advanced Cationic dyes for special fibers of CDP.

Direct dyes

Special direct dyes for textile and paper dyeing application .

Disperse Dyes

Introducing Disperse Dyes

Taicron dyes are disperse dyes of T&T Industries Corporation for polyester fibers and their blends, applicable to exhaustion dyeing, continuous dyeing, and printing.

Basic Dyes

Introducing Basic Dyes

Taiacryl dyes marked by T&T Industries Corporation, are cationic dyes for dyeing acrylic fibers; applicable to exhaustion dyeing, continuous dyeing and printing, etc. They have brilliant shades, excellent fastness and very good build-up property.


Comprehensive Laboratory Support

We are here to support you. Our laboratories are capable of providing full support from color matching, comparison test, examination of ecofriendly dyes by testing toxic materials, recommendation of suitable dyes, recommendation about suitable dyeing process, and by providing a solution of dyeing problem.

Special Equipment

Cutting-Edge Technology in Our Special Department

Our special department is equipped with the latest technology, starring HPLC, TLC, ASL machines detecting banned materials (heavy metal, and restricted substances).

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