Taigal AF-60

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Special dispersing levelling agent with low foaming, high dispersing and high levelling property used in low liquor ratio for disperse dye.




  1. Appearance: yellow liquid.
  2. Ionic activity: anionic/nonionic.
  3. pH value (1% sol): 7.0 ± 0.5.
  4. Main component: special surfactant.
  5. Solubility: easily emulsified by cold and lukewarm water.
  6. Storage: good storability, store in cool place is advisable.




  1. It makes dye disperse well in dye bath due to excellent dispersing effect. The tarring problem won’t happen. The dispersing effect is remarkable especially in very low liquor ratio.
  2. It owns excellent penetrative effect with very low foam.
  3. There are no other products circulating in the market is comparable with Taigal AF 60 in terms of migrating effect for leveling purposes and repairing shade.
  4. The influence on the shade is slight.
  5. It is suitable for airflow dyeing machine with lo w liquor ratio and cheese dyeing machine due to special chemical structure of this item.




  1. General rapid dyeing machine: 0.3~0.5 g/1
  2. Cheese dyeing machine: 0.5~1.0 g/1
  3. Airflow dyeing machine: 1.0~1.5 g/1
  4. Repair shade:
    The required quantity depends on the unlevelling situation. Generally, the effect is good when the quantity used in 1.5~2.0 g/l. Adding some quantity of dye if necessary.
Disclaimer: Due to differences in scanning equipment and monitor settings, the color of the fiber in the scanned technology data sheet may vary. For accurate color assessment, please inquire.
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Textile auxiliaries are specialized chemicals used in textile processing to improve fabric quality, including products for pretreatment, dyeing, color fixation, brightening, and softening.

Series Features

Leveling auxiliary designed to facilitate even and consistent coloration, ensuring effective dye uptake throughout the textiles.

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