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Fixing agent to improve the washing fastness properties of dyeing with Acid Dyestuffs on polyamide fabric and decrease the transport cost.




  1. Appearance: Pale Yellowish powder
  2. Ionic: Anionic
  3. pH value (1% Solu.): 7~8
  4. Main component: Synthesis tannic acid
  5. Solubility: Easily dilutable with 60~80℃ hot water
  6. Storage : Storage over 12 months in cool and dry place




  1. Dyefix N Powder is a powder- formed fixing agent with highest effective fixing property in dyeing Nylon, Wool and its blends. It can save huge transportation cost and easily be stored.
  2. Because it is powder form, so the o.w.f of dosage can be reduced a lot in the dyeing bath
  3. Dyefix N Powder causes no more influence on the shade of color fabric after fixing process
  4. Improving the washing fastness of acid dyes on dyeing Nylon and Wool related fabric




  1. Dissolving Dyefix N Powder: Dissolving Dyefix N Powder into 40% solu. with 60℃~80℃hot water and stir it completely before using.
  2. Improvement of the washing fastness
    For Deep color: Dyefix N Powder(40% solu.) 2.0 ~ 4.0% o.w.f.
    For middle color: Dyefix N Powder(40% solu.) 0.5 ~ 2.0% o.w.f.
    80℃x20′ pH=5.0~5.5

    For obtaining the best washing fastness, it is recommended that the fixing process works in fresh bath。

Disclaimer: Due to differences in scanning equipment and monitor settings, the color of the fiber in the scanned technology data sheet may vary. For accurate color assessment, please inquire.
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Textile auxiliaries are specialized chemicals used in textile processing to improve fabric quality, including products for pretreatment, dyeing, color fixation, brightening, and softening.

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Fixation auxiliary specialized in setting dyes onto the fabric, improving color fastness and resistance to washing or fading.

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