Taisoft SSK-50 Conc.

Textile Auxiliaries
Softener Agent
Dyeing Process

Remark: Suitable Limit

Suitable fiber




  1. Appearance: light yellowish flakes
  2. Ionic character: cationic
  3. Main component: quaternary ammonium compound
  4. pH value (1%Sol): 4±0.5
  5. Solubility: easily dissolved in hot water
  6. Storage: good storability




  1. Taisoft SSK-50 Base make soft and smooth touch
  2. Taisoft SSK-50 Base cause no thermo yellowing when treated @100℃
  3. Excellent anti-static effect
  4. High dynamic smoothness and elasticity
  5. Resistant to hard water
  6. Taisoft SSK-50 is good raising agent for acrylic fiber
  7. No influence on the color shade and fastness




Taisoft SSK-50 Base can be used for exhausting (agotamiento) or padding (continuous) method. The required quantity depends on the kind of textiles and their process. Normally, 3~5% o.w.f. (10% stock solution) is recommended.

Disclaimer: Due to differences in scanning equipment and monitor settings, the color of the fiber in the scanned technology data sheet may vary. For accurate color assessment, please inquire.
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Textile auxiliaries are specialized chemicals used in textile processing to improve fabric quality, including products for pretreatment, dyeing, color fixation, brightening, and softening.

Series Features

Softening auxiliary applied to improve the hand feel of fabrics, making them softer and more comfortable to touch.

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