TA Yellow CD-4GNT

T/A Yellow CD-4GNT

Basic Dyes
CD Type Series
Dyeing Process

Remark: Suitable Limit

Suitable fiber


Colorfastness (1.0% o.w.f.)


Heat Setting 170°C x 45″ Alter 4-5
Staining 5
Chlorinated Water 100ppm Alter 4-5
Staining 5
Perspiration Acid Alter 5
Staining 5
Light 0.5% o.w.f. 5
2.0% o.w.f. 5-6
Rubbing Dry 5
Wet 5
Perspiration Alkaline Alter 5
Staining 5
Disclaimer: Due to differences in scanning equipment and monitor settings, the color of the fiber in the scanned technology data sheet may vary. For accurate color assessment, please inquire.
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Taiacryl dyes marked by T&T Industries Corporation, are cationic dyes for dyeing acrylic fibers and its blends. They have brilliant shades, excellent fastness and very good build-up property. Our advantage is quality consistency.

Series Features

Taiacryl CD Colors are specially selected from cationic dyes for dyeing of cationic dyeable polyester fiber with a good stability in high dyeing temperature at 120°C. Taiacryl CD Colors show a cationic character, therefore, Taiacryl CD Colors are not suitable for one bath one step dyeing with anionic compounds, unless Anti-precipitating agent is added during dyeing. The main advantage of using CD dyes is the strength of CD dyes is much stronger than of AD dyes. CD dyes allow for a very dark shades.

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